Day 3 Wrap Up- North Team

Posted: January 25, 2013 in 2013 Senior Bowl

When you get to this level of practice in the Senior Bowl you start to see the guys that have been “one day wonders” and guys that have been steady forces all week. When all is said and done, there are going to be some guys that scouts and GM’s walk out of this week saying that they moved up or they moved down in their eyes. The week is not everything, and it is to be pointed out that not one of these players practiced and played every rep in a prefect fashion. But the beauty of it is that each player that did go through each rep and each practice got NFL coaching and NFL evaluation for the biggest job interview of their lives. Some shined and some were below average. But they all competed and in the end the players will be better for it.

At the end of this week I will be breaking the group down into more specific categories, for example, small school guys, sleepers, first round talents, etc. But until then, I will break down practice by practice for the North and South squads and what I saw from each. Wednesday was the final day that the practice would be “full go” and the players would really show their physical skills. After that, Thursday and Friday are more mental and special team’s days. So a lot of scouts and GM’s will be gone by Friday afternoon. All the work and study is really done. They will get the game tape of the Senior Bowl and watch it later. Today was the last day to really impress the pro scouting departments.

North Team

Top Senior QB Mike Glennon

Top Senior QB Mike Glennon

-Mike Glennon of NC State (6’6.5″ 220 lbs.) continues to progress as the week goes on. He has one of the prettiest deep balls in the entire country and that showed when he threw an absolute gem of a fade route to Elon’s Aaron Mellette (who finally showed flashes of all star status consistently). Glennon’s arm strength is above average and he can make all the throws. He comes from a pro style system (not that I really think that elevates on higher then another in a radical way) and he has a steady demeanor that players like to gravitate to. He is rail skinny but has the frame to carry 20 more pounds and not lose a thing. This isn’t some bold statement, but after it is all said and done, he is a top 25 pick in my eyes.

-Fresno State’s record setting running back, Robbie Rouse, finally showed the flashes that make him an all star. He had some great blocks and some fantastic ruins in 9 on 7 drills and in team. Rouse’s vision and patience is excellent. However, I hate to be that guy, but with Rouse (all 5’5″ of him) “it is what it is.” You are going to be drafting a game changing speed guy who can make big plays on passing downs and most likely can add a dimension in the return game. He isn’t going to be an every down back and he won’t hold up to more than 12 to 15 touches a game. He could be a great find the 6th to 7th rounds for a team looking to add solid depth.

Marquise Goodwin of Texas

Marquise Goodwin of Texas

-There are really two guys who stood out to me in the wide receiver group, and it is a loaded group.I was a little hard on Texas’s Marquise Goodwin for his route running. I have to say that it is a really small problem for him, he makes such great cuts and uses his speed and body control so well that it is not a red flag in my eyes. Goodwin is world class speed in every way. He was blowing by people and really separating from a great corner back group on the North team. He is small (5’9″) but that isn’t a knock down in my opinion. He i a player who will add Steve Smith-like presence to your team and is worth a 1st round pick. Another 1st round talent is Kansas State’s Chris Harper. He has #1 receiver presence written all over him. He blocks and catches the ball away fro his body with the best of them in this Senior Bowl class. He will literally make millions of dollars, in long term money I mean, if he runs a 40 time in the 4.45 to 4.5 range. When all is said and done, Harper and Goodwin wont last past pick 40, if that.

-This is an exceptional offensive line group that is coming through the draft process and I have highlighted a lot of the players throughout the week who have caught the eyes of almost everyone. One guy who I really focused on today was Wisconsin’s Ricky Wagner. He is a tall (6’6″) player with great punch skills and ling arms. He comes from a long line of great offensive line talent that has come out of Wisconsin  He has limitations as a tackle, I feel, and is very vulnerable to speed rushers. But he looks like he has the strength to play on the inside for power running teams and add value as a possible right tackle. I think he carries about a 3rd to 4th round grade right now, and is a player that makes a 53 man squad as the 6th or 7th lineman in his rookie year. He has that much versatility in the right scheme.

Wisconsin's Ricky Wagner

Wisconsin’s Ricky Wagner

-If there is a player who you can tag with the “non stop motor” label, it is Jordan Hill, defensive tackle from Penn State. He is 6’1″ and 295 pounds, so size comes into question at the next level. He plays with such great technique and effort, though, that he looks as if he is much stouter then his measurables indicates. Listen, I cannot say he is the best one out there, but his effort is to be noticed. He doesn’t get pushed around a lot and he gets good pocket pressure on his pass rush. He will not be a guy at the next level who gets a lot of stats. But he is a Shaun Cody type defensive tackle who could be serviceable as an end in a 3-4 system.

-The Rutgers linebacker duo of Steve Beauharnais and Khaseem Greene has quietly been an impressive thing to watch. They are not the flashiest pair, but they are just physical and smart football players who make other players around them better. Greene is a little more athletic and has more upside and versatility I believe. He was very productive at the collegiate level. Beauharnais is the bigger linebacker of the two and is more of a thump-er then Greene. Both are vulnerable to man coverage this week, but that is not the big concern. Both players need to add but the skills are there. Both will be gone by round 5.

-Like most people with a pulse at the Senior Bowl, I became a big Jonathan Cyprien fan this week. Cyprien of Florida International has that swagger and physical demeanor you look for in a safety  He really played all over the field for the North team this week and at times was seen in one on one drills covering wide receivers  tight ends, and running backs. He won a lot of his reps and uses his big body (6’1″ 210) to really get his hands on receivers and re route them as well as any DB here. Cyprien will have to work on his 5 yard window at the next level because some of his reps would be a PI in the NFL, but that is easily fixed and he is a gamer. He made a lot of plays in team as well.

Jonathan Cyprien of FIU

Jonathan Cyprien of FIU


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