Final Senior Bowl Notes- Winners,Losers, “Who gets taken first?”

Posted: January 29, 2013 in 2013 Senior Bowl

This past week has been fun, starting a new aspect of my life and writing about something I love. I had a great time putting insight into this topic and scouting the players of this great all star event. That’s what it is too, an event. No other all star game in the country is so highly televised and scouted. None. Why? College football is the crown jewel of American sports… and the NFL is the king. We want to see who is the next hot prospect to come out of college. Fans want to see who the players are that Mel Kiper and Todd McShay are saying that their favorite team will draft in April. The media feeds the beast, and it isn’t their fault. The lowest ranking NFL team, financial value wise, is still worth $750 million plus. All NFL teams rank in the top 50 most valuable franchises, all 32. Coverage of a lack luster Pro Bowl still compares to coverage of the NHL and MLB Finals! So we stay glued to the NFL network and the internet sites that update us each hour on these prospects that we see coming into the league. It is a natural, yearly occurrence for so many NFL and college fans.

Now, to recap the week, here is a list of players that had a solid overall performance… and a list of guys who walk away with more questions.

Stock Up- Winner- Guys that “Made Money”-However you want to put it, here is who impressed.

QB’s Mike Glennon, NC State and E.J. Manuel, Florida State- Hard to argue with the MVP of the game, Manuel’s performance. He showed he is a solid leader. Will rise with good combine. Glennon solidified his “top senior QB” prospect tag and a likely 1st round handshake with Roger Goodell.

Running back Johnathan Franklin, UCLA- While I was extremely impressed with Stepfan Taylor and Mike Gillislee, I love how Franklin plays the game. He did well at so many aspects of the running back position and he had a great game, showing explosiveness and speed.

The Wide Receivers – OK  not all of them. But most of them.This was a solid group from day 1. The guys that really stood out to me were Marquise Goodwin of Texas and Markus Wheaton of Oregon State. Both guys are burners who have return skills. Look for both to rise as the draft process continues.

Offensive Tackle Eric Fisher, Central Michigan– Fisher cam in with buzz, but really did well the whole week and probably pushed himself into the 2nd overall offensive lineman spot behind TAMU’s Luke Joeckel. Fisher is an elite talent who could end up in the top 10 before it is all said and done.

UNC's Sylvester Williams

UNC’s Sylvester Williams

Defensive Lineman Sylvester Williams of UNC and Cornelius Washington of Georgia- These are two guys that came into the week with some good solid credentials. But both players used non stop motors and a great show of athleticism to prove that they are worthy of top 2 round consideration. Williams is on track to be on of the first DL taken with his scheme versatility and great agility for a big man. Washington also shows that versatility and I am sure he will show a lot of teams how he plays from a two and three point stance, and also in coverage.

Linebacker Vince Williams of Florida State- Williams is not the tallest guy out there, but he plays with such ferociousness and ability. He laid out Clemson’s Dalton Freeman on a trap play and he is great at play recognition  I think his best fit is in the middle of a 3-4 or the Will backer in a 4-3. He has speed to cover but also strength to hold up.

Marc Anthony of Cal

Marc Anthony of Cal

Defensive Back Marc Anthony of California- Some guys who came in with first round grades, like Marcus Trufant of Washington, did a great job all week. Some other guys proved they need to be mentioned. That player is Marc Anthony of Cal. He had a great week and was real competitive in every drill he had. Anthony showed great recognition skills and good coverage ability. Possesses solid closing speed.

Stock Down- In my opinion, these guys lost draft position this week

QB Zac Dysert, Miami OH.- Needed a strong performance, but was mediocre all week. Throwing mechanics and descison making need work

RB Robbie Rouse, Fresno State- Small and speedy is ok in the NFL at certain levels, but Rosue will struggle in MOST aspects of NFL play. Purely a role player in NFL

WR Denard Robinson, Michigan- This is kind of harsh, but Robinson proved little to scouts this week. He just needs more coaching and time. Someone will fall in love with his potential

Syracuse OL Justin Pugh

Syracuse OL Justin Pugh

OL Justin Pugh, Syracuse- Pugh didn’t have the best game and he also has some physical limitations that were exposed (see arm length) but he has a future in the NFL and some team will have to see if it is inside or at RT.

DL Margus Hunt, SMU- The Eastern Block, as he is called due to his excellent field goal disruption skills, had a very mediocre week. He flashed at times, but just not enough. He has such great physical skills, however his age, 26, and his lack of suddenness will hurt his stock as we continue on with this process.

DB Robert Lester, Alabama- I have spoken and been critical of Lester all week. He really struggles in coverage and made some recognition mistakes. He will fall in this process but he is a SEC battle tested player who will play on special teams or anywhere that is needed.

Tomorrow and throughout the week I will be working on my first NFL 1st Round Mock Draft. But, I had the thought to make a list of players who I think will be the first one drafted at their position, from this Senior Bowl Game. It is early, but here is a look at the first player drafted from each position.

QB- Mike Glennon, NC State

RB- Johnathan Franklin, UCLA

WR- Terrence Williams, Baylor

TE- Vance McDonald, Rice

OL- Eric Fisher, CMU

DE- Ezekial Ansah, BYU

DT- Sylvester Williams, UNC

LB- Chase Thomas, Stanford

S- Shawn Williams, Georgia

CB- Desmond Trufant, Washington


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