Scouting Report- Tavon Austin

Posted: February 13, 2013 in 2013 NFL Draft, Views and opinions

Tavon Austin, West Virginia


Scouting Report

Position: Wide Reciever

Class: Senior

Size: 5’9 176 lbs.



Strengths: Tavon Austin has an interesting skill set, albeit a very elite set. Austin was West Virginia’s number 1 skill player for the last two seasons and he shows you why every week of the season. Austin has electrifying moves in the open field. Not many players can tackle him one on one if Austin gets room. He is shifty and can stop and start on a dime. He gets to full speed probably as fast as anyone in this draft. I know I will mention later his size being an issue, but the kid played all 52 games of his college career. He was never hurt, at least majorly, in any season. He is durable and tough for his size and plays with emotion and a swagger. Austin also has EXTREMELY immense offensive versatility. West Virginia did a great job with him moving around in the slot and also, when things got bad, putting him as the running back in a Pistol set. He has great vision and cutting ability and it shows on reverses and end around where he seems to be hemmed in by defenders, he will put the brakes on and reverse field to find day light. Should also help a team from day 1 in the return game. Austin did more special teams his Junior Year and was the Big East Special Teams Player of the Year. Austin can create outstanding separation off the line of scrimmage with his feet and route running ability in most instances.


Weaknesses: You have to start right off the bat and talk about Austin’s size. He is short and skinny, that is no doubt. You have to be concerned with how he can hold up to the NFL hits and constant punishments . Austin is great in the open field and making people miss, but one thing you wont see him do much is break a tackle when defenders get arms on him. He just doesn’t have the strength to do so. Another issue I seem to see when I watch his film, is that he will try to improvise too much on occasions. What I mean by that last statement is, I see him break off routes before the QB is actually in his scramble, almost as if he is just trying to get open no matter the play. It doesn’t happen often but I see him as an unpolished route runner. He will need to get work on the whole route tree in minicamp and training camp. One question that teams will want to see answered is how well he runs drills and catches the football. Austin is seen on film at times catching the ball too close to his body and that could be the difference in 2 or 3 catches a game with how NFL defenders separate receiver from ball. I also am not a fan of how much Austin dances in order to get extra yards. He will learn quick in the NFL that defenders close a little faster on the ball and you have to make one move and go. He has all the ability in the world to do that, he just needs a reminder.


Overall Impression: I will be honest, I was not going to write up a report on Austin until closer to the draft, and however, I watched Geno Smith’s film for a whole day and came away in love with Austin and fellow teammate Stedman Bailey’s abilities. Austin is a game changer in the slot and his abilities with the football. Over the course of his career he accumulated 4,446 yards of offense on 398 touches. That is an 11.2 yard average per touch. I think he has that same ability at the next level. He was durable in college, playing in every game for four years in a row. He will give you so many different gadgets to work with, whether he is in the slot, in the backfield, motioning to a reverse or play action series, whatever it may be; Austin changes the face of an offense instantly. Small receivers don’t get a lot of high regard as Top 10 NFL draft picks, but Austin deserves a shot at a team in the first round.


Projected Draft Status: Late 1st Round

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