Scouting Report- Luke Joeckel

Posted: February 14, 2013 in 2013 NFL Draft, Views and opinions

Luke Joeckel, Texas A&M


Scouting Report

Position: Offensive Tackle

Class: Junior

Size: 6’6 310 lbs.

Strengths: Joeckel is the pro type left tackle prospect for the NFL these days. He has tremendous length and size intangibles and he possesses extremely long arms. His foot work is flawless for the majority of snaps he plays. He is not only a good prospect in the future; he has been playing at a high level for three years in the toughest conferences in college football. He shut down Sam Montgomery from LSU and held up to the bigger opponents that Alabama’s 5 techniques utilize in a 3-4 scheme. Joeckel has great punch and lateral moving ability. He can get out on screens and is great at cutting defenders down in the open field. Stability has not been an issue at all, as Joeckel has started and played in 39 games in his three year career at A&M. One big thing that will help him at the next level is that he has the technique to fit into most blocking schemes easily. Not only does his footwork and hand punch show tremendous attention to detail, he is outstanding at diagnosing the blitz and twist pickups. Rarely can he be tricked by movement and defenses throwing exotic stunts at him. Watch the LSU game and you see a player shut down a fellow first rounder while at the same time protecting Johnny Manziel from a ton of pressure off the edge. In pass protection he does a great job of setting Out and not In. He eliminates the corner for edge rushers and gives them only limited moves to get to the quarterback.

Weaknesses: I see a lot of his weaknesses being attributed to his youth. I don’t think he is as strong as you would want your left tackle. He may go to his pro day or the combine and have a below average bench press session. From what I see, with his long arms and lack of brute strength, he will struggle with the bull rushers and the bigger defensive lineman he will face. From film study I also see a player that can get lazy with his feet. On pass protection, at times he will set out and when the defensive lineman makes and inside move, he is not quick enough to redirect. Now, Joeckel is plenty agile to make these adjustments on the fly, so I wonder about his suddenness and his instincts if he is getting beat to the inside as often as he does. That last comment is obviously a nitpicky thing, stuff that can be coached, but it is worth noting. Joeckel also sets with his hands really low, usually giving up his chest to defensive lineman. He does a great job of anchoring in the bull rush but he needs work on his core strength  Run blocking is not his strong suit, but he does well moving to his sides and that leads me to believe he would thrive in a Zone run blocking scheme. However, I think he is versatile enough to add the power blocking dimension to his game.

Overall Impression: I am a huge fan of Joeckel and I love the competitive spirit of the guy and how he carries himself in games. He goes about his business and just shuts people down. I think he has the total package for an NFL Left Tackle and that, as you know now from pop culture references, is the second most important position to play in the NFL. It would not surprise me if he goes number 1 to Kansas City. He is an upgrade at tackle for almost every top 20 team in this year’s draft. He will be in this league for 10+ years and be a pro bowler for years to come. I like his chances of being an elite talent in the NFL.

Projected Draft Status: Top 3 picks


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