Scouting Report- Chance Warmack

Posted: February 16, 2013 in 2013 NFL Draft, Views and opinions
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Chance Warmack, Alabama


Scouting Report

Position: Offensive Line

Class: Senior

Size: 6’3 320 lbs.

Strengths: Warmack is one of the stronger players in this offensive line group and it translates to the field. He led an awesome Alabama offensive line (possibly three first rounder’s this year) in pancake blocks with 37. He plays with a mean streak and is very violent in his hand punch and his finish. He is a rugged “throw back” player who would fit best as a guard in a Power running game, not so much a zone blocking scheme. Warmack has great feet for a big man, not that he is super fast by any means, and he can use great instincts and movement skills to take proper footwork and angles on his blocks. You can’t question his durability, as he has 39 career starts at left guard for the best football program in the nation, facing the best competition in the nation on a weekly basis. Warmack run blocks and pass blocks with fluidity and technique. Rarely does he get beat, and he always finished plays with authority. His biggest strength is his unbelievable anchor. If a defender rushes down the middle of Warmack, or bull rushes him so to speak, he has the leg strength and core power to anchor down and not give up any ground. He engulfs people, using his huge hands and long arms to stop people in their tracks. Doesn’t just block defenders he moves them off the ball and creates a new line of scrimmage or he will jolt blitzers and stop them cold. Warmack has the size, strength and athleticism you look for in an offensive lineman. During film study of Warmack I noticed how incredibly smart and heady he was on the field. He does a great job on blitz pick up and coming off on linebackers at the right depth and time. He is a very capable puller and kick out blocker and can get out in space on screens to make blocks on the perimeter. Close as a sure thing at guard that I have seen in a long time. He is the best run blocker in this draft.

Weaknesses: For as good as Warmack is in my mind, studying film can still help you find holes in a prospect’s game. Warmack is strong and he knows it and sometimes will rely on his brute force to try and move people. He succeeded at the college level, albeit against elite talent, but he will not be able to just punch and hold off defenders in the NFL the way he has done his whole career. Warmack will stop his feet on contact, a byproduct of relying on strength, and let defenders get up field or underneath him on zone steps. His feet are not bad, but one of the things he has to work on is always taking the proper footwork for the proper assignment called and let his natural abilities take over from there. He was not called for a lot of penalties in college; however I see a future problem with holding calls for Warmack. He has to punch inside defenders and not grab, as he does at times. It will be something that is easily fixed by NFL coaching, but it is something that will take time. When Warmack gets tired, he is more of a waist bender than knee bender and he will get caught lunging on defenders. Sometimes he will end up on the ground more than you would like and he has issues at times with playing way too high. I think this just leads to a concern you probably have to have with all lineman, can he keep his weight in check. Warmack is a big guy and he has to keep his weight down to 320 or 330 to keep his quick feet intact. I look forward to seeing what his weight is at the combine.

Overall Impression: This is my number one guard in this year’s class. I like him better then David DeCastro of last year’s class, who was a first round pick. Warmack was groomed in a NFL training ground of a college at Alabama. He played the best competition for the best team and was successful. Put the tape on and you will grasp for straws on things he needs to get better at. Is he perfect? No. But he is a plug and play guard on any offensive line in the league. Warmack will give you ten plus years and make numerous Pro Bowls in the process. He is more of a fit in a power scheme and not a zone running style, but I think that isn’t a deterring factor that teams will have in taking him. I have been a fan of the guy all year long and nothing stops me from my impression that he shouldn’t last past pick 11 in this year’s draft. The kid is that good and what I love about him is that he embraces everything about offensive line play. He wants to demoralize his opponent and play with authority. Nowhere in his game is the diva attitude and I think he makes a club better from Day One.

Projected Draft Status: Picks 10-15 of the First Round

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