Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Connecticut


Scouting Report

Position: Cornerback

Class: Redshirt Senior

Size: 6’1 195 lbs.

Strengths: Wreh-Wilson is a very lanky and tall corner back prospect who has above average long speed. He showed off that speed not only on the game film but at the Senior Bowl and Combine where he was clocked at 4.43 in the 40 yard dash. He has excellent ball skills and can make plays with his hands in coverage. Wreh-Wilson could excel in press man situations as he has a very good punch and jam technique. He is a physical player who plays with a swagger and has a short memory, all things you need at the corner back position. He possesses great hip flexibility and can make turns and drop his hips very well. For a taller corner, Wreh-Wilson plays with great leverage. He can open up and run on deep vertical routes but also does a great job of marking his man and targeting the ball in the air. Wreh-Wilson did not have a ton of production, interception wise. However he did do a great job of eliminating the receiver threat on his side of the field. Has good versatility as he does well in zone overages but is suited to play in man coverage as well. Overall Wreh-Wilson uses his size and physical tools well to fight off blocks and make open field tackles.

Weaknesses: Wreh-Wilson has some flaws to his game that do scare away some teams when people talk of him as a first rounder. For one, Wreh-Wilson is a bit of a gambler and will let receivers behind him and jump routes at times. He has good speed, but at times it doesn’t not translate to the field, as in he will not recover well or he will get beat by longer striders. While he does an OK job in getting interceptions, he is not the athletic return man type threat you look for in your corners. Wreh-Wilson will take chances on his strength and try to jam at the line and allow receivers to get past him. He has never suffered a huge injury, but has some medical concerns from his past and he will be looked at heavily in the pre-draft process to see if there are any lingering effects. Wreh- Wilson needs to get stronger in his upper body to help him make better open field tackles and fight off blocks.

Overall Impression: I really like what Wreh-Wilson brings to a team that uses a lot more press man and cover 2 principals  He excels in the physical aspects of playing corner and he has that elite size and athleticism you look for in that type of defense  He is not going to give you anything in the return but he has the frame and speed to shut down a lot of the bigger receivers in the NFL. For a corner prospect you look for a player who has that intensity and drive to always compete and win the rep and Wreh-Wilson has that. I have him high on my board and I think he is one of the players that, starting with the Senior Bowl, has really used the pre-draft process to help his rise into the early parts of the second round.

Projected Draft Status: Early Second Round


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