2013 NFL compensatory picks announced!

Posted: March 19, 2013 in 2013 NFL Draft, Views and opinions

During the NFL’s annual Owners Meeting (League meetings if you will) the NFL hands out compensatory picks to teams. A compensatory pick is based on if a team has lost more free agents or better quality players than what they signed in the previous year. This year the NFL has 32 additional picks to the 2013 NFL Draft.

It is an intricate process to figure out but basically if a team has gained or lost a certain amount of players or they lose big time free agents to other teams, they are entitled to a seventh round pick. Some picks are higher as they are based on  salary, playing time, and postseason accolades with whatever team they decide to sign with. One small caveat is that you cannot trade these picks, so these are set in stone. 2007 NFL Draft

In this draft, having an extra 3rd and 4th round pick is huge because this draft is loaded with depth in those rounds.

Below is a list of picks for each team buy the round they were awarded.


95th overall: Houston Texans

96th overall:  Kansas City Chiefs

97th overall: Tennessee Titans


130th overall: Baltimore Ravens

131st overall: San Francisco 49ers

132nd overall: Detroit Lions

133rd overall: Atlanta Falcons


166th overall: Miami Dolphins

167th overall: Green Bay Packers

168th overall: Baltimore Ravens


201st overall: Houston Texans

202nd overall: Tennessee Titans

203rd overall: Baltimore Ravens

204th overall: Kansas City Chiefs

205th overall: Oakland Raiders

206th overall: Pittsburgh Steelers


239rd overall: Philadelphia Eagles

240th overall: Cincinnati Bengals

241st overall: Seattle Seahawks

242nd overall: Seattle Seahawks

243rd overall: Atlanta Falcons

244th overall: Atlanta Falcons

245th overall: Detroit Lions

246th overall: San Francisco 49ers

247th overall: Baltimore Ravens

248th overall: Tennessee Titans

249th overall: Atlanta Falcons

250th overall: Miami Dolphins

251st overall: Cincinnati Bengals

252nd overall: San Francisco 49ers

253rd overall: New York Giants

254th overall: Indianapolis Colts


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