Atlanta Falcons Roundup

Posted: May 24, 2013 in Team Needs, Views and opinions

Here is some recent and  notable items that pertain to the Falcons and the future of the franchise.



– The team recently was awarded a $200 million loan from the NFL out of the G4 fund. This fund was specifically set up by the NFL and the owners to award any team a substantial amount of money that was willing to invest in their own facilities. The Falcons will get this loan and technically not have to pay it back out of their own pocket.

How does that work? In theory, the league realizes that if a franchise betters themselves through stadium advancement, the leagues product will also enhance  This fund is set up to come out of the leagues future revenues and each of the leagues 32 franchises will foot the bill when it comes time to divvy up the profits. With the recent stadium renovations and buildings in cities like Dallas, San Francisco, and Philadelphia the league has used the G4 fund to better the product on the field and in the stands. The NFL is the most successful professional sports when it comes to revenue and Roger Goodell and the owners know that making better stadiums can only help, not hurt, the league in the immediate future.

Lets also not forget that with a new stadium comes benefits that are worth millions. Atlanta will be in prime position to host major college bowl games and the ultimate prize, the Super Bowl in the near future. Shown below is one of the stadium concepts being kicked around for completion in 2017:



– It is being widely reported that the Falcons are in talks with veteran All Pro defensive tackle Richard Seymour. Seymour would be a welcome addition to the defensive line of the Falcons, even though he is in the back end of his career. He can still penetrate the line and make plays in the backfield, taking off pressure on the line backing corp and also new signee Osi Umenyiora. The Falcons have added some key pieces to the team, filling some major needs with some older free agents. You hate to say they are only doing it to make a Super Bowl push this year but it really seems as if they are loading up for that run. The team added some key draft picks for youth and development  but they are positioning themselves for an “all or nothing” type 2013 season.

Seymour would also be a great mentor to the youth that the Falcons have at defensive tackle, especially under performing former first rounder Peria Jerry.

– Of the Falcons eight draft picks, three of them still remained unsigned as of today.  First round Corner back Desmond Trufant, second rounder (also at corner back)  Robert Alford, and seventh rounder quarterback Sean Renfree all have not inked a deal with the team. Obviously the first two guys, Trufant and Alford, will need to get in camp to compete for starting roles immediately. On the other hand, Renfree is being touted as a potential star in the making as a backup to Matt Ryan. Renfree is widely considered the smartest and most instinctive signal caller in the Draft class.  He was tutored by David Cutcliffe at Duke, the same coach who mentored both Manning brothers into stardom.

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