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As the 2013 season kicks off with OTA’s and training camps, etc., I will be writing certain things as they progress. Look for articles and pieces to come together in the coming weeks.

I grew up a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and would call them my favorite team, easily. However, I want this blog to not be too broad and I want to focus on a regional team that I can cover easily. The Atlanta Falcons are 5 hours away from Charleston and I have plenty of family there to visit. So, I somehow came to the conclusion to write on them.

More to come.


seth-doegeClick on the link below for a position by position breakdown of all Atlanta Falcons undrafted free agents to date.


There is also a quick story on one player who I think has a real shot to make the team this year.

Check out the newest article I wrote for Football Nation. Click on the link below and enjoy!

Coming Up This Week!

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

Sorry I have been inactive for a few days. We have a little one at home who was fighting ear infections and family always comes first.

Coming this week I will have my top 10 players per position and my Big Board which is a top 100 players overall. More scouting reports will come as the draft nears and pro days come and go. I will have an updated Mock Draft as well by the end of the week, since we have seen some trades and franchise tags that have happened.

For Football Nation I will be writing a weekly column on NFL Draft Rumors and that should be published every Tuesday or Wednesday, so check this week at!

I also have some interesting articles coming up on how many 5 star rated quarterbacks from high school actually panned out. Make sure to check for that one as well.

We have a Mock Draft that the writers will be contributing to for Football Nation  I am the general manager for the Atlanta Falcons and we will be writing pieces on the draft needs for out team so check back in for that as well.

A lot is happening for the blog and Football Nation. I hope you are enjoying reading and please share with your friends and make sure to check back for updates.

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2007 NFL Draft

2013 NFL Draft Sleepers

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isleepsWe all know that there will be the big names taken even in the first two rounds of the draft. Names like Geno Smith of West Virginia, Luke Joeckel of Texas A&M, and Star Lotulelei of Utah. What we sometimes lose sight of the small school or less hyped players coming out of college. A player can be  “sleeper” for a number of reasons and not all of them are scientific. Some players just blossom late like BYU’s Ziggy Ansah, but not all of these players get to play on the national stage that Ansah was afforded by the Cougar’s schedule. Some players with NFL skills find themselves buried behind a star group of players at the same position  or they come from a small school or they just haven’t played football for that long for the scouts to find them early enough.

Check in with and for full article on this later.